Vicki Wolf

Her mission is “to provide the information and tools people need to take better care of themselves and the planet.” In an effort to fulfill this mission, Wolf has been a leader for public awareness of the connection between health and the environment. She also teaches yoga and meditation.

Over the past two decades, Wolf has written hundreds of articles on health and environmental issues for radio programs and websites including Citizens League for Environmental Action Now, Houston, Texas. Her radio series include EarthCare Radio, which aired daily on KPFT90.1FM, Houston’s Pacifica Network affiliate, as well as Hill Country View, a series on the conservation of natural resources that currently airs daily on many stations across the Texas Hill Country.

Before moving to Austin in 2002, Wolf worked as a medical and consumer health writer in Dallas, Texas. While a medical writer at UT Southwestern Medical Center, she wrote an award-winning daily radio health series, and contributed articles on nutrition and medical research for a variety of the medical school’s publications. She was co-producer and writer for a consumer health series on WFAA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, Texas, sponsored by Baylor University Medical Center.

Wolf’s leadership experience includes communications director for Texas Health Resources, the largest healthcare organization in North Texas. She created a new internal communication department and led a creative team to accomplish the organizations communication goals.

Wolf’s knowledge of health, wellness and resilience is deepened by 20 years as a yoga teacher. Her specialty is Yoga of the HeartTM, the yoga-based stress management program for patients who have cardiovascular disease, cancer or other life-altering diseases.

Wolf has a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, TV and Film, specializing in News and Public Affairs, from the School of Journalism, Oklahoma State University. She has a 500-hour yoga teacher certification with Namaste USA Yoga and 500RYT registration with Yoga Alliance.

Cheryl Kruckeberg

I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959, to a mom whose middle name was Adventure. Growing up we spent a lot of time traveling and were in and out of towns, states, countries and schools. In 1972, my mother, sister and I, along with assorted cats and dogs, moved to Austin. We quickly set down our roots and have been here ever since!

Public school had never been a good fit for our family and one of the great benefits of settling in Austin was the rural Holistic school just outside of town. This school, based on the Summerhill School in Suffolk, England, was perfect for us; dynamic, interest based education with caring mentors and over 100 acres of woods filled with trails and adventure. Students were considered partners both in designing curriculum and classes, as well as in addressing the many social concerns that arise in any community of people. With the pressure to make grades and “fit in” removed from my life, I developed a fondness for writing, nature, science, history, world cultures and religions, yoga, crafts, peaceful conflict resolution, and, eventually, even mathematics! In addition to my academic classes, I explored the woods and creeks, played music, dabbled in a broad range of arts and crafts and learned the lessons that have made the most difference in my life; identifying goals, finding personal mentors, the value of personal integrity, and how to resolve conflicts respectfully and honorably. I also learned what it takes to make mistakes and still look the people you respect in the eye, knowing that you are loved for who you are, not what you do.

I graduated from this delightful school in 1978, but it started me on a path that I have never left; Holistic Education. In the 4+ decades since my graduation, I have visited and worked in over a dozen holistic and non-traditional schools across the U.S., either as an assistant, a classroom mentor, administrator, director or consultant, and have served on several educational non-profit boards of directors, as well. Over the years, I have made it my business to interview graduates of holistic schools and homeschoolers wherever I find them, curious about what impact their unique education has had on their lives, any gaps they may have felt and what we, as responsive holistic educators, can do to fill those gaps for the coming generations. The question I have sought answers to is – how do we best support young people in fulfilling their dreams, become fully contributing members of their communities and keep the natural love of learning alive?

In recent years, I have found a passion for teaching through games, all sorts of games! Kids will play games for hours, rising to the inherent challenges and mastering skills in the process. In particular I have a deep regard for The Game of Village (c). As a Teacher, Mentor and School Director of 40+ years, I can confidently say that Village is the most powerful teaching tool I have ever encountered. It has completely transformed my understanding of learning and teaching and has provided me a platform from which to explore and teach applied academics in a meaningful context. Through Village, I have learned to trust the natural learning process to an ever deepening level, and have grown comfortable with the unpredictability that accompanies creativity, self expression and learning by experience, rather than imparting academic content in a controlled learning environment. Village has brought the spirit of play, creativity and trust back into my own own adult life,and it has become my passion and my goal to share it with as many young people and mentors as I can!

In addition to a consuming passion for holistic education and Village, my interests include yoga, playing outside in nature, swimming, arts and crafts, natural building, natural healing, singing, generally being with people, especially my own sweet family, including my new grandson, Calvin!