Stacey Loop, Member

Stacey Loop is a certified yoga therapist and holistic health coach specializing in adapting therapeutic breath, movement, and meditation to an individual’s condition. She is passionate about education and is a lifelong student of the mind/body connection and the potential for optimal wellness.

Susan Tingley, Secretary

Susan Tingley has been an influential teacher and youth leader who has impacted the lives of many young people in the fields of music, art, and creative expression. She has also served as an executive educational administrator. Her passion for young people and activism for positive change has led her to contribute to the Natural Learning movement.

Jim Pacey, Treasurer

Jim started his own consulting and coaching company in 2019, which has focused primarily on improving small nonprofit organizations in Austin. His areas of expertise are board governance, strategic planning, community development and engagement, and fundraising. Jim has worked with Stronger Austin, Truth Be Told, Nourish Foundation, Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation, and AISD. He’s also facilitated workshops at ACC’s Center for Nonprofit Studies.

Luiza Reingatch, Member

Luiza has practiced various forms of holistic healing and energy medicine for over 20 years. Integrating various modalities and incorporating applied kinesiology, homeopathy, flower remedies, nutrition and functional medicine for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

She is the author of a book called Higher Nutrition – The Art & Science of Healthy Living.

Michael Shattah, President

Micahel has served as board president of Natural Learning Foundation since 2016. After earning degrees in business administration and counseling psychology, he spent some time in Austin as the owner of Divine Foods, a vegan health food experience in the Enchanted Forest. Since 2009, he has contributed to communities as a learning and health promotion consultant with Fitting Pieces.