Strategic Planning and Vision of Purpose

  • Establishing the organization’s Mission and Core Values
  • Making Vision Maps and Purpose-Driven Direction Guides

Fundraising and Event Management

  • Developing sources for Grants, Funding, and Donations
  • Planning, Promoting, and Producing Organization Events

Starting-up, Structures, and Administration

  • Assisting in Legal Formation: By-Laws, Articles, Certificates, and Policies
  • Setting up Accounting and Tax-exemption / EIN organization

Curriculums and Program Development

  • Establishing Program(s) Objectives and Goals
  • Determining Stakeholders and Community Impact areas
  • Determining Resources Requirements and Evaluating Outcomes

 Targeted Marketing and Promotions

  • Activating Social Media, Public, and Print campaigns
  • Reaching Beneficiaries, Clients, Partners, and Networks
  • Increasing Public Support, Donors, and Volunteers

Personnel Selection and Job Development

  • Training and Assessing Directors and Board; Employees and Staff
  • Coordinating and Managing Volunteers Program